March 29 2020 eclipse astrology

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What to Expect from the Eclipses and Saros Cycles in 2019 and 2020 - Rahu and Ketu

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Jan 4, PM. Jan 7, AM. Jan 9, AM. Jan 11, PM. Jan 13, PM. Jan 15, PM. Jan 17, PM. Jan 19, PM. Jan 22, AM. Jan 24, PM. Jan 26, PM. Jan 29, AM. Planets in Their Places.

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Provided by. Jul 3, Jul 15, March 29, Saros February 25, Saros January 24, Saros December 25, Saros November 23, Saros October 23, Saros September 22, Saros August 22, Saros July 22, Saros June 21, Saros May 20, Saros April 20, Saros March 20, Saros February 16, Saros January 16, Saros December 17, Saros November 15, Saros October 14, Saros September 14, Saros In , however, Aquarius will be playing a major role in your affairs, so what are apparently fleeting contacts may come to greater fruition this spring and summer.

International associations are highlighted. So too is knowledge and knowledge is power. Study, learn and apply new skills sets; you have a sweet, long lead-in over the next three months.

March 29th, (Sunday): Birthday, Zodiac & Weekday

December and January represent a climax in your affairs; purely material affairs like property and large amounts of capital, and purely personal affairs like romance and loved ones. Or any combination thereof. A stack of planets in opposition this winter will show you any weaknesses in your set-up and your plans.

The Astrology of Year 2020

A pair of eclipses across your partnership axis — solar on the 26th, a lunar eclipse in Cancer in January — suggests a shake-up, maybe a vanishing trick. Under Jupiter, creaky relationships fall away, new contenders for your affection arrive. The festive season offers the perfect time to expand your friendship and professional network.

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Your ruling planet, Luna, reaches full moon on December 12, a somewhat secretive moment. Immediately after the UK polls close, at 10pm, Luna moves into your skies; a couple of days to see and be seen, regardless of results. Your solar sixth house is a place of service and labour, diet and health, practical skills, qualities associated with Virgo, where some Leos will have planets, this being your neighbouring sign. Even if you are a raging royal Leo you can use some of those Virgo tropes as you go through winter. A stunning collection of planets in Capricorn will ease your path through the world of work, good practice and virtue — yup, sigh, you do have to virtuous and abstemious to get the best of this transit.

Big-hearted Jupiter arrives here for 12 months on December 3 to ease career prospects. The new Moon of the 26th, with its sparky aspect to your solar midheaven, looks like a nice kind of wake-up call for July birthdays. Most of December and indeed January is ties up with planets in Sagittarius, fiery like you. Careful to get your numbers and addresses right at the full Moon of the 12th, when Neptune is involved. Venus moves into opposition for three weeks from the 20th, a sweet omen to bill and coo with your main squeeze, and for singletons to swoon as they espy a face across a crowded party room.

Aquarius is a sign bound up with your fortunes in , when significant others promise to get more significant still. Jupiter here for the next year hands you the rub of the green. Remarkably and super rarely, Jupiter will in encounter Saturn and Pluto here in Capricorn. There is no harm in having Great Expectations, of believing that The Force is with you in the year ahead as long as give your main missions your best shot.

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  • Jupiter is not, of course, the only planet in the sign of the Goat; the more formidable pair of Saturn and Pluto are there and, in December, Venus and a new Moon on December The month of Capricorn, from the solstice onwards, is the time to check over your plans and implement them, holidays or not. Venus here until the 19th promises a sociable few weeks prior to Christmas itself, when your ruler Mercury also moves onside. Mercury has escaped the November go-slow as the month opens, and the channels of communication open accordingly. With Mars strong in your third house, teaching and education have a positive role, including public speaking.

    All those planets in Capricorn ask questions about your level of commitment — in it for the long term or not? The only downside is supplied by Neptune in opposition — especially at the full Moon of the 12th. Well is it? December is a month when you can make it so. All you have to do is shake your finances into good order, streamline your possessions ready for new arrivals over the festive tide , and clear your professional commitments.

    November 20 to December 22, 12222

    Oh, and keep your social life on track. Your horoscope is certainly in a pushy, get-things-done mood. The congregation of planets in Capricorn concerns both your material security — your home — and your professional ambitions. Having old commitments done and dusted is part of the deal. The feeling of new beginnings is echoed by your Venus ruler, which is in an ideal spot from the solstice onwards, traversing the zone of self-display i.

    Just get the job done! Until the solstice, of course, the Sun is traversing fiery Sagittarius, an obliging position for contacts, deals, blogging and the like. The full Moon of the 12th is in fellow air sign Gemini, when you can sound the trumpet for idealism and liberty but be back at your work post promptly next morning. You appear to have an attentive audience. Consider December as an extension of your birthday month, complete with parties and gifts, but supplemented with the authority that comes when your ruling planet is in your skies.

    Mars in Scorpio is a high energy transit, asking only that you apply yourself diligently.

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