Horoscope 28 march 2020 aquarius

Areas of Contraction and Lessons in Simplicity Aquarius Horoscope 2020 for Career

The Solar Eclipse in Aquarius of January 24rd, is the cosmic gateway to a period of new beginnings and unprecedented opportunities. The start of a new chapter. Change is coming for Aquarius. In the first half of , significant changes are expected in relationships and in the second half of , there will be changes in career and daily routine. Love and Relationships The year brings major changes in your love life and your relationships, Aquarius. In your current relationship, a new dimension is clearly visible in the first half of through family expansion, or a new love from your social circle can totally turn your life upside down.

Mercury is your planet of Love. Mercury is retrograde in Pisces from February 17th to March 9th, Aquarius holds back then, but that will soon change. March is a social month of parties.

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Chances are that Aquarius will find true love in March ! Jupiter is the planet of Friendships and Group processes. From May 14th to September 12nd, , Jupiter is retrograde in Capricorn. During this period new and beneficial friendships are being formed during a spiritual journey.

September is all about relationships, love and commitments. October shows a small dip, but you know how to deal with this, Aquarius. From June 23rd to November 28th, , Neptune is retrograde in Pisces. This period shows the best opportunities to meet the love of your life! From November 28th, , Neptune in Pisces turns direct and a favorable period will start for taking new initiatives with regard to friendships and social involvement.

From October 14rd to November 2nd, , Mercury is retrograde in Scorpio. A period to recall memories or to revive good times with your friends, but also a period to find solutions to relationship problems. The Lunar Eclipse in Gemini of November 30th, brings a new love or an existing love comes to an end when it doesn't feel right.

The beginning of a long period in which cooperation will be the key word, both in love, friendships and business commitments.

Aquarius Daily Horoscope

December is all about parties, fun and holidays. Career The total Solar Eclipse in Capricorn of December 26th, leads to a half-year period in which your career is beginning to take shape.


No better starting position to make a successful year, Aquarius! Great time to start or perfect a project or to do something independently, for instance starting a new job or new business venture. February is the month of introspection and some soul searching. A month of preparation and planning. April is a month of high energy. Take a break, Aquarius. Do not make career decisions during this period. During this retrograde period you may feel attracted to the world of spirituality and charity.

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From May 14th to September 12th, , Jupiter in Capricorn is retrograde. During this period your career is the top priority and people will come to your path to help you.

Aquarius Horoscope 2020

Current projects are being completed. From April 25th to October 3rd, , Pluto is retrograde in Capricorn and this period also points to a period of opportunities and successes in the career of Aquarius. June asks the Aquarius for an open attitude and acceptance. July is the month to start a new project. August is the month to make dreams come true.

Personal strength is the key word, because Aquarius cannot always count on the support of third parties. Restless, but full of self-confidence, Aquarius is looking for ideas and new ways to improve business success in Finance Neptune is your planet of Money. Neptune will also remain in your House of Finance in Due to the influence of Neptune, it is difficult to keep control of your finances or you do not get access to relevant financial information.

Because of the influence of Neptune you are more generous and you also spend money more easily. It is therefore difficult to keep an overview. After mid-September, the transit of Rahu in your fourth house will remove the problems arising in the field of education automatically. The coming time will be good in terms of education. Students should rely on their hard work to achieve good results. As per Aquarius horoscope prediction, this year will be a year of mixed results for your family life.

Happiness and peace will prevail in the family at the beginning of the year.

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Your family will demand more time from you. According to Aquarius family predictions, there will be peace in the family as you will share a strong bond and support with your siblings. You may get an opportunity to purchase a vehicle between March 28 and August 1. This year, you will experience mixed results in your married life as per Aquarius horoscope predictions. Between January and March 30, Jupiter will stay in your eleventh house and completely favor the seventh house, which will make your married life full of happiness and bliss.

Then there will be a possibility of fight or quarrel in matrimony till June The vulnerable health of both the partners will impact your married life. Between 30 June and 20 November, your married life will bloom as the emotional turn in the relationship will bring both of you closer.

The time after that will require you to deal with your marital issues with patience. Pregnant women must exercise with caution. The horoscope also suggests a marriage of some of your children that will be the reason of happiness in the home and family. Aquarius horoscope predictions stresses on the need of keeping your lover happy for a strong relationship as this week is not much favorable for love affairs.

At the beginning of the year, the support of 5 Gurus in Ekadash Bhav or Eleventh house can have some adverse effects on your love life.

Your horoscope suggests that you must exercise strict control over yourself as you can be romantically involved with more than one person, which is not good. You are advised to control yourself and remain close to someone very special. According to Aquarius love predictions, the period between February to March will be very good for the singles as chances of marriage are high. Be extra careful from March to June as this period is somewhat unfavorable. The time between 30 June to 20 November is very good for your life as your love life will scale great heights this year.

According to your horoscope, it is possible to turn your love life into the desired direction if you spend some quality time together, like an outing. Deal all your matters related to your love life with care and patience as the situation may become unfavorable after November 20th. Find your right Love Match.

Your Aquarius horoscope prediction says that in the year , special attention to your health is required. Your health may remain disturbed this year as Saturn will enter the twelfth house on 24th January and remain in this house throughout the year. Your health will demand full attention, especially between February and May.

Keep your mental stress under control as it will increase, which will lead to other physical problems. Moreover, the Health Horoscope also indicates that this year you may suffer from insomnia, eye disorders, stomach disorders, etc. Mental stress will also be a cause of concern, though nothing serious is predicted. Your health horoscope suggests you follow the given routine:. If you follow this routine honestly, your body will remain energetic and you can undertake all the jobs with agility.

There are certain measures that ensure prosperity, good health and wealth for Aquarius natives in this year as per Aquarius horoscope predictions. These measures will also help in getting rid of various problems related to different aspects of life and will lead you on the path of success. Let us have a look at these suggested measures for Aquarians for a peaceful life in the year Aquarius Horoscope not only allows to have a look at it but the remedial measures suggested in the horoscope will make you ready to accept the challenges and fight them.

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Lots of challenges are there for Aquarians in but they have the ability to fight them. Rashifal Kundli Horoscope Rashifal Calendar Remember Me. Sign In. Personalized Horoscope. Male Female. Aquarius Horoscope Predictions According to Aquarius Horoscope , this year will bring mixed results as lots of challenges and ability to fight those challenges is predicted for Aquarians.

horoscope 28 march 2020 aquarius Horoscope 28 march 2020 aquarius
horoscope 28 march 2020 aquarius Horoscope 28 march 2020 aquarius
horoscope 28 march 2020 aquarius Horoscope 28 march 2020 aquarius
horoscope 28 march 2020 aquarius Horoscope 28 march 2020 aquarius
horoscope 28 march 2020 aquarius Horoscope 28 march 2020 aquarius
horoscope 28 march 2020 aquarius Horoscope 28 march 2020 aquarius
horoscope 28 march 2020 aquarius Horoscope 28 march 2020 aquarius

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