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Go to a temple having Lord Shani or Navagrahas on saturday and do lamp ghee lamp every week. Try to visit, sacred places, where Shani temples are there. Try to follow these instructions over this seven and half years. The impact of Saturn would reduce for sure. Recite either Hanuman Chalisa or manojavam maaruta tulya vegam regularly. I think you know the full version of manojavam. If possible recite Hanuman Chalisa for times on a Saturday 4.

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Recite Shani strotram daily 5. Visit a temple where there are Navagrahas as well and then lamp a diya with til ka tel in front of Shani. You can do like this for four Saturdays and do pradakshina going round the deities for 9 times 6.

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If possible recite Navagraha stotram daily 7. Following this would surely help in reducing the effect of Sani on the individual and remember that Sani will delay things but will never deny things. As you mentioned in your question that you're are facing evil days since seven and half years and still two and half years of evil days left due to Saturn effect.

How come you know this is you by approached any Brahmin pandit.

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Human life moves forward accordingly to the planets movement and state in which zodiac sign the person has been born. Saturn is the powerful of all planets and the power of Saturn brings bad days in people's life Everybody have to face these bad days of life but can minimize the evil of Saturn to some extent by following some steps that are given below.

Every Saturday and compulsory on Shani Thrayodashi, you have to visit your nearest temple at where Navagrahas are situated offer Shani Pooja by pouring tilsona oil and by offering black cloth along with black till on Shani Statue. Before this Pooja you have to cirlce 9 times around the statues by chanting Navagraha Mantra Along with this you visit Lord Hanuman temple on Tuesday or as per your free time and pray the God.

Jap of shani mantra. Then the Shani said to Lord Hanumana if somebody will worship him then he will not be affected by Shani. It will help you to forget scaring of death. Give Imarti to black dog every saturday. Business:- Dont start any business related to Iron. Like transport, Hardware shop etc. It is the best ways for cutting off the Saturn's bad effect. But you will have to keep in your mind if can give you biggest achievements then it can also pull you down to earth. So please check it before wearing it for two three days that is it suiting you or not.

Therefore, Lord Shani does not effect the devotees of Lord Hanuman. So, you should keep fast on Tuesday or Saturday for Lord Hanuman. You can also go to Shani temple and offer mustard oil, black sesame seeds to Shani dev. Shani Dev becomes happy when one offers black food items to buffalo. So, you can offer black urad dal to buffalo. Keep on reciting the Hanuman Chalisa on Saturdays. It is said that if you recite the Hanuman Chalisa times with your whole heart, all your problems and obstacles vanish which are caused due to the Saturn.

And one more thing, believe in yourself, and the deity you are praying to.

Courageous Quality through Prashna Kundali

Also stop fearing, because if you keep fearing, that problems will come to you, you are actually attracting the problems. So stop fearing and be courageous, its just a phase of life. All the best buddy. Answers Post answer or solution to "How can I be saved from the evil position of saturn? You must Sign In to post a response. Reducing effect of saturn. Evil days from saturn. The person under the influence of Rahu does not take much interest in the religious acts and spirituality. His ideas become different from his family members.

Rahu is one of the malefic planets. If the planet forms any relation with any house then it negatively affects that house. When the planet is not giving favorable results during transit, you should bathe with its products. Put Guggul in the bathing water and bathe with it. Meditate on the lord Rahu at the time of bathing.


Bathe with the normal water after this. If you perform this remedy regularly then you will be free from malefic influence of Rahu. The remedy also arouses interest in worship and religious activities. Donate Products of Rahu You can donate copper or black sesame on Saturday for the auspiciousness of Rahu. You can donate these products in a temple or to a person in need. Buy and donate the products as per your capability. Reciting the Mantra of Rahu during transit helps you reap positive fruits.

Chant the Mantra on a fixed time when you can do it comfortably. You should recite only one Mantra in a day. You can start reciting after fixing time and place for chanting. Recite one Mantra for times or more than times in a day. Make 9 boxes in this Yantra and write 13, 8, 15 in the first three partitions, 14, 12 and 10 in the middle three partitions and 9, 16, 11 in the last three partitions. Article Categories: Astrology Remedies Article Tags: Astrological Remedies Remedies for Rahu vedic astrology remedies astrology remedy indian astrology remedies astrology remedies free Comment s on this article 1.

I think this will be one of most charity one can do. Kindly explain? I mean what type of ink should be used to write the numbers on the Yantra 6. I just want to know is it true that if Rahu is in connection with Mercury in any chart it gives good results.

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Abhijit Nikam said on Oct 20, PM kaal bhairav is the deity which governs raahu,chant "om sri kaalbhairavay namah" in mind,chant mahamrityunjaya beej mantra"om hroum juum saa"as many times as you can recite gayatri mantra min. Rahu Kanya in lagnamsa.

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Now I am still in my Rahu Mahadasha - 3 more years till finished. Shani and guru in 6 house. Ketu and moon in10 house. Prahlad Patel said on Jul 25, AM dear sir rahu is in 9 th house , i am in big trouble , shani is in 10 th what i do i dont understand , any remedy pls. It's able to give better results if it's in good dignity e. It also helps if Rahu is more than 5 degrees away from the Ascendant degree. Additionally, if the sign Rahu is in has a good score, then that helps also. Look back to see what kind of results you got from past Rahu sub-periods or minor sub-periods.

astrobix astrology daily ephemeris Astrobix astrology daily ephemeris
astrobix astrology daily ephemeris Astrobix astrology daily ephemeris
astrobix astrology daily ephemeris Astrobix astrology daily ephemeris
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astrobix astrology daily ephemeris Astrobix astrology daily ephemeris
astrobix astrology daily ephemeris Astrobix astrology daily ephemeris

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